Group Training Classes per month


£35     for     3 x 1.5 hour lessons

£25     for      2 x 1.5 hour lessons

£25     for     3 x 1 hour lessons

All lessons are 1.5 hours long but you can choose to do only the first hour, any missed classes can be made up in the future


One To One, non training day/week

Member £10

Non Member £30


One To One, non training day/week

Members £20

Non Members £40


Home Visit, within 10 miles SG4 7BY.

Members £30

Non Members £50


For group classes we invite you to a free trial class, if you decide to join us in the future then choose how long you wish to train for and arrange payment.


Once you have completed your first month of training all future training fees must be paid by bank transfer or standing order into the k9interaction account to hold your place, any missed lessons can be made up in the future


These need to be paid between the 1st – 7th of each month, which is either just before or on the first session of the month. We can only continue with training lessons and keep the group sizes small if payments are made on time.